Security Assessments

A security risk assessment is designed to identify key weaknesses in a system, network or application. Conducting assessments is an integral part of a business’s risk management strategy and more importantly businesses need to ensure they use the appropriate assessment for their specific requirement. We have extensive experience in this field and perform risk-centric assessments with a focus on your business requirements. Some of our assessments include a technical control, vulnerability, firewall, architecture, white/grey/black box and risk assessments, as well as security audits. 

Security Management

Our cyber security management service focus on the day to day operational aspects of cyber security. We ensure your security operations are continuously effective, managed and up to date. We provide regular security reporting and security reviews during your solution’s operational life. Our approach ensures full visibility of cyber security risks by evaluating the security metrics from the managed security systems. Coupled with our Virtual Cyber Security Officers, you are assured that your cyber security policy, processes and strategy are applied correctly and that that it meets industry best practice.

Security Awareness

Security breaches are not only related to a failure of technology, but rather the exploitation of human behaviour. Even the strongest of perimeter defences can be overcome due to ill-informed employees or users. Understanding the level of awareness of employees with regards to IT security and cyber threats is key in establishing a sound training and awareness program. The primary objective of a security awareness program is education. It ensures employees take responsibility in helping the business protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their data and other assets.

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