Network Penetration Testing

In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, it is imperative that you review your cyber security defences from both sides of the perimeter. Network penetration testing will give you a thorough understanding of your cyber security posture and help you establish a clear roadmap for improving technology, people and processes. Equip your security team with the correct information and tools to improve your security posture by conducting regular penetration tests to help identify vulnerabilities in your network or applications.

Web Application Testing

Businesses are becoming more reliant on web applications, both internally and for their clients. For this reason, testing your web application has become a key function. Web application testing simply is the process of checking your web application for potential problems. This test consists of multiple steps to ensure your web application is fully functional, operates smoothly and, most importantly, securely.

Social Engineering

Criminals use social engineering tactics because it is usually easier to exploit compared hacking networks, systems or applications. In the same way, social engineering allows us to test how susceptible your employees are to persuasive or deceitful manipulation by means of social media, emails, phone calls and more. These tests are becoming a norm for businesses, are very effective and always benefit employees on in their personal life as well.

Phishing Simulations

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt that is used to obtain sensitive information from an individual or business. These attacks are often carried out by fake websites, email or some other form of messaging. Businesses must educate employees to prevent these attacks and the best way to do this is by simulation of such attacks on an individual or business. 

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