1. Security Risk Review

Introduction of any new solutions, or undergoing significant change to an existing system, introduce potential risks to the business. These risks must be understood and handled, either through change or acceptance. Our Security Risk Review guide clients to establish the precise controls needed for a system’s level of risk to be acceptable or for the system to meet compliance requirements such as ISO, ITIL or POPI. This understanding provides assurance that your solutions incorporates all the relevant security controls and that they are effective throughout their lifecycle.

2. Security Design Review

The best time to think about security is during the design phase, before you start building or implementing a solution for your business. Most cyber security risks discovered during penetration tests could easily have been remediated during solution planning. After a cyber security design review, we will help you integrate effective security controls for your solution, in a pragmatic way. This will limit your business’s risks and reduce vulnerabilities later in a project when it’s more difficult and expensive to fix them.

3. Technical Controls Review

Our critical controls review allows you to perform continuous checks and remediate risks before they become a problem. Business’s get better value from technical resources and technology investments if less security remediation is required throughout the technology lifecycle. 

4. Penetration Testing

The final step of our security by design service, regardless if we are looking at a new or existing solution, is a penetration test to validate all the security due diligence you have done so far. This ensures business confidence in the solution (technology, people and process) you have implemented.

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