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At CyberStack, we have developed a robust Cyber Security Proficiency Model that integrates our extensive experience in handling diverse assignments across various industry sectors. With a rich history of managing Cyber Security Assurance, Defensive Security, and Offensive Security tasks, our team possesses unparalleled expertise in setting up, configuring, securing, and overseeing cyber security solutions within different client environments. Our unique model, built over many years of industry experience, reflects our deep-rooted understanding and commitment to providing exceptional cyber security solutions. We ensure that our approach is tailored to address the distinct requirements of each client, taking into account the intricate nuances within different sectors.

CyberStack’s implementation model serves as a vital resource, enabling businesses to anticipate and proactively mitigate potential risks within the realms outlined by the NIST framework. It equips businesses with the necessary tools and expertise to swiftly identify, safeguard against, and respond to cyber security incidents. With a focus on the areas defined by the NIST framework – Anticipate, Safeguard, Identify, React, and Restore – our model covers a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge, skills, and strategies, empowering businesses to effectively navigate the ever-evolving and dynamic landscape of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

How to get started

Engage with your customer liaison at CyberStack, or our team of experts to embark on the path towards safeguarding your business’s IT resources. Through an interactive review, you’ll not only enhance your security posture but also gain valuable insights and actionable intelligence tailored to fortify your Cyber Security Assurance, Defensive Security, and Offensive Security measures. This review will significantly amplify your understanding of securing and managing your cyber security estate, thereby mitigating the risk of potential cyber breaches and minimising their impact should they occur.

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